What will be the cost of roof repair hamilton

roof repair hamilton

One of the most common questions we get from clients when performing any sort of roofing Hamilton repair work is with regards to roof vents. The first question that always pops up is “What will the cost of roof repair Hamilton actually be?” Or even “I only have this budget for roofing repair work- is that OK? In this short article the factors that go into this question so you know what to expect when looking for the right contractor for the job. We know that this question may be overwhelming so we will keep it short and simple!

The cost is Proportional to the Quality of materials used

The first thing I always like to tell clients is that they should always pay close attention to the quality of material required for your job. This in a way is directly proportional to the roof repair Hamilton cost. The reason being that the higher quality materials are obviously more expensive. In addition, with the rise of COVID, we have seen the cost of materials climb consecutively, especially within the Hamilton area as companies are constantly upping their price.

In addition, it is important to note that roof repair Hamilton contractors such as us will charge more for certain materials- depending on the number of labour hours required to install them as per the manufacturers recommendations. For example, when we are re installing flat roofs versus shingles- we take into account the additional material required( the flat roof membrane and the number of plys on the membrane required for the job)

Do not let contractors give you a Price / Sqft of Work for cost of roof repair hamilton

  • Make sure they give you a detailed scope of work for what is included in the price
  • Ensure that if new architectural drawings are required that your contractor confirms that they have received them and will follow them
  • Ensure your contractor is aware of any Ontario Building Code or Hamilton Municipality bylaws/limits

Cost is also proportional to Quality of work

You have to also remember that “You get what you pay for”. In the roofing industry in Hamilton, as we’ve seen prices spiral out of control and as development continues- we know that there is a lot of competition for roofing services. It is important to bare in mind however, that at Ontario Tech Hamilton Roofing Services, we do not believe in competing for the cheapest, most economical contractor. Our focus an every roofing contractors should be to:

  • Provide the best quality service
  • Provide the best quality equipment to make sure our workers are safe and secure on your job site
  • To make sure the homeowner is satisfied and that your most important asset is protected

With these things in mind, I would also tell you as the homeowner that when you are looking for a roof repair Hamilton cost/quote to ask for any references of work and do your research. Also feel free to contact us if you are looking for a quote!

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