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Looking to get roof replacement in Toronto? Being one of the most important parts of your home, it provides safety from snow, water and wind. Since the roof bares most the force, it is important to understand that part of your roof shingles can get damaged and if not caught on early, can cause a list of other problems. Hence, it is of upmost importance to get the roof inspected.
At Ontario Tech Roofing, our carefully curated members are happy to come to your property to undertake a thorough examination. After our roof inspection is completed, we will let you know right away whether the roof replacement is urgent or another solution would be appropriate. It is important to note that, if a roof replacement is the option, it is important we start the work right away to avoid any additional damage to the home. 

How Our Roof Replacement Toronto Works?

As mentioned earlier, the only way to make sure that you find out if you need a complete roof replacement is to inspect it. 

Fortunately, we have a team that will conduct the inspection, followed by the steps outlined below:

1. On-site Meeting

We first schedule an on site meeting to help you understand the process of our work and how our re-roofing works. This is the best time to ask any questions you may have and you can feel free to ask any of our technicians and express any doubts or concerns. 

2. Confirming plans with any required Building Permits & Material Orders

To us safety is of most importance which is why we work to understand the local Ontario Building Code requirements to avoid any issues or further work; usually indicated by any permits given by the city. At Ontario Tech Roofing we also work with your local architects to ensure we are all on the same page with regards to the execution of the work. Once this is confirmed, we order materials and discuss options with you prior to getting the work started.

3. Ready Set Go!

Our team is now ready to work on your house and set out our expectation and timeline. Rest assured, we work as quickly as we can while keeping our commitment with regards to the quality of our work. This is been such a strong part of our culture here at Ontario Tech Roofing and have our system and policies in place to make sure your work progresses smoothly.
Being in the business within the Ontario region for more than a decade, we provide all of our customers with workmanship and satisfaction guarantee.
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Roof Replacement Toronto Guaranteed!

At Ontario Tech Roofing we understand that roof replacement work is not easy! It can be incredibly stressful for the homeowner/landlord. That is why we take pride in working as efficiently and use only the best materials that are made to last you many years to come. Rest assured, we work to provide all clients with a satisfaction guarantee for our workmanship + Quality! 

Being in the roofing industry in the GTA for decades, there is a reason we have the loyal clientele that we have! Clients and developers have come back to us for repeat business because they know we are a single phone call away if they need something addressed. Even if its a small project such as a renovation or a complete design + build- We will hand deliver an exceptional product. This, complemented with our great customer service mean that you should give us a call today to get your work started! 

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