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Residential Roof Inspections near me in Toronto Area

Shingle roofing tends to be the most common type in Ontario, especially on the roofs of residential homes. One of the reasons why shingle roofs are so popular is because they look great, and most people can afford them.

Many of our clients then come to us thinking of buying a new house in the Greater Toronto Area with a roof inspection near me in mind. With these houses, shingle roofing tends to be the most common on residential properties. They look great and most can afford them. What can happen however, is that even they are very strong and durable and can take on a lot of elements such as rain and ice, they can wear and tear over time. This is why your roof inspection near me is important to stay on top of any future issues that may arise.


Since your home is probably your single biggest asset, you not only want a home inspection but also a roof inspection near me. There inspections are not included in a purchase of a home but it should be and we recommend you ask for one! Be sure to contact our team today to get a free estimate!



What is a roof inspection?

This is a detailed examination of your home/building roof to check the structural health of the roof. This includes a detailed examination of your chimneys, downspouts, siding and any exterior surface for any damage. We also check any potential roof penetrations and attic ventilation as we have found that many homeowners neglect these parts of their exterior- given their ability to multiply mold growth without you even noticing!

Compared to home inspection, a roof inspection near me is much more detailed- Nowadays, we hear many horror stories of home inspectors not being able to catch issues early on due to incompetence and usually just walk out after taking some pictures. At Ontario Tech Roofing, we avoid this scenario as we work to examine your structure from the inside out and from end to end!

In addition, we are also happy to provide a written inspection report if required specifically by the client for your roof inspection near me. This report will include any information needed to make sure you are making the correct decisions.

How long will it take?

Being in the industry for over a decade, we understand that all structures are built different. With that being said, we are able to have a thorough examination of your structure completed in an hour. Sometimes, however, structures are built different and more complex, hence our inspection may take a couple of hours. Since safety is of upmost importance- we want to make sure we have proper access to all parts of your structure in a safe manner.

What is included in your roof inspection?

  1. We look at the overall exterior and interior of your roofing membrane to see any signs of damage or deterioration
  2. We identify any damaged shingles/roofing membrane
  3. Identify low spots where water can sit during snow/rain
  4. A economical recommendation to fit the needs of your roof. 

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