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Are you looking for Eavestrough Repair Oakville Services in the GTA? Ontario Tech Roofing has been working for the last few decades helping clients within the Ontario region with their eavestrough repair. Given the importance of gutter to your house, its just as important your eavestrough is working in complement to help guide water away from your home and safely away from your foundation. Call us below so we can do a eavestrough inspection on site to help you manage your eavestrough repair near me.

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Signs Your Eavestrough Replacement Is Necessary

1. Staining

In the situation that your eavestrough is not doing its job, you will notice stains on the exterior- along your stucco or stonework, etc. This is because the eavestrough and downspout are not doing their job to help guide the water away. This means that that there could also be some sort of mould presence in the attic that you should be on the look out or. 

2. Gutters that are pulling away from your house / sagging

This is probably one of the most clear cut signs that your eavestrough repair needs to happen sooner rather than later. This will be evident as you will see your gutters moving opposite to the wall. This is easily recognizable so if you see that this is the case then we recommend you contact us right away!

3. Rust Accumulation 

Although most gutters and eavestroughs installed over the last few decades are susceptible trust depending on the amount of rainfall- there is a risk of this rust breaking. This would also be a great time to get your eavestrough cleaning completed as at this point it would not be a good idea to let water sit on rusted material and put pressure on it so it breaks. As eavestrough cleaning Oakville experts, you can trust us to get this job done as well!


Why Its important to do your Eavestrough Repair Right Away

 It is unfortunate that as a homeowner complacency can set in when you’ve moved into the house of your dreams. You assume your eavestrough looks good and you just assume your gutter and downspout are working in tandem with your eavestrough with no issues. Although we have come very far in the technology with the type of eavestrough material we use- you cannot assume that they don’t need even a little maintenance and cleaning
At Ontario Tech Roofing we recommend that you get your eavestrough inspected at least once per season- especially given the harsh winters we’ve had in Toronto with the rainy fall season. With this inspection, there may be the need of some adjustment. We also offer general roof inspections to perfectly complement this service. 

Not Paying attention to your Eavestrough Repairs = Costly Future Repairs

At Ontario Tech Roofing we understand that your home is your single biggest investment and asset. Clogged eavestrough and other parts can cause water or snow to clog up the system. This can eventually lead to water building up and in this case it is not able to move away from your house’s foundation. As you expose your foundation to water you risk the formation of cracks and a leak into your basement.
 In addition, if there is somehow a blockage, you are looking at the potential for water to build up on the roof at a low spot- damaging your brand new shingles! This water can find its way, if your roofing is done improperly, working its way down onto the wooden frame of your home. It can build up here for a while without you noticing and you increase the chance of mold growth by at least 30-40%! 

Roof Replacement in GTA with a Guarantee

Being in the industry for more than a decade, At Ontario Tech Roofing we know everything about Eavestrough Repairs in Oakville and the GTA! Regardless of the complexity of the work, we assure you of a custom solution to fit the need of your home and budget! That, complemented by our great customer service means you should not hesitate to call our office today for a free eavestrough inspection!

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