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Ontario Tech Roofing is proud to offer Eavestrough cleaning services to help you prepare for fall and with your water management on your property. We have been helping our clients for decades with care and maintenance of their eavestrough cleaning and also offer eavestrough installation services.  

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Eavestrough Cleaning Service in GTA

At Ontario Tech, we know how important eavestrough and gutter cleaning is to being a home owner. These are installed to guide drainage and water away from your home. Often, however, they can be filled up with dirt and leaves- leaving you with an expensive bill if there is an overflow of ice, leaves or dirt. Being in the industry for over a decade, we have the expertise to clean these efficiently- including any downspouts, gutters and more!

Given our workers have roof construction experience that spans more than a decade, we know that your eavestrough can cause damage to your structural foundation if not managed. We have all seen in our many years of experience that the risk of neglecting eavestrough cleaning can lead to flooding and mold buildup. 

We are well trained to make sure your eavestrough are cleaned out diligently and safely and well and you have no more further issues. We use the best cleaning equipment on the market to ensure you get the best value for what you pay for and our very high customer satisfaction rate is a big reason why we are able to get our clients to call us every year!

Safety is our #1 Concern

When you contact our roofing professionals- you can rest easy knowing that safety is the number one concern for any of our technicians and workers. We work with the Ministry of Labour to ensure that our guys are there on site with the proper equipment and training to handle any safety concern so you can be at ease that we can deliver the best quality of work while maintaining a great safety record.

Over the past few decades, we have invested in the best equipment to handle even the most complex construction projects especially within eavestrough cleaning. This is done by working with vendors within the equipment space to see the latest technology while matching with practical use– so we can get to every nook and cranny of your structure. Gone are the days when you call a eavestrough cleaning contractor and they come and clean only the corners or areas they can access- as we work from end to end of your home! 

We also carry a WSIB Clearance along with a Liability Insurance- Which should be the minimum that you look for with any company that provides eavestrough cleaning service Toronto area. In addition, we have our Working At Heights certification that our workers train for in order to make sure that they can handle themselves, regardless of the complex project. 

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We are GTA’s leading roofing company capable of cleaning and maintaining any type of eavestrough. At Ontario Tech Roofing we understand that if you don’t maintain your eavestrough or take it on as a DIY project- you can cause irreparable damage to your homes foundation. This is why homeowners trust us with eavestrough cleaning. No matter how complex the project or how long it has been since they were last maintained or cleaned, we are there with you all along the way.

Given our culture of transparency, we work to make sure that you as the homeowner understands the eavestrough cleaning process from A to Z. This is ensured by our constant communication with the homeowner and provide a roof inspection report if required as well. This is why we are able to offer a satisfaction guarantee with our eavestrough cleaning services along with our other services such as the installation of eavestrough

Given we offer probably the most detailed scope of work and competitive pricing for all of our eavestrough cleaning and roof repair services, you should look no further than giving us a call today. Feel free to reach out to us for a non-obligatory quote today!


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