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At Ontario Tech Roofing, we know how important the structure of your house is and the Soffit and Fascia is no exception! Being the first thing that can be damaged in a storm if your eavestroughs get clogged- it is imperative that your Soffit and Fascia installation near me is done correctly! Although we offer downspout repair services, we’d also want to make sure your Soffit and Fascia are keeping water away from rotting your wood!

We understand that proper work will ensure you are happy with the aesthetics but also you will be protected from damage for many years. Over the years as people have come to appreciate modern and transitional style homes, we know you are going for a specific look- but we also want to ensure you get the longevity you want in your new home!



Installing Soffit & Fascia the right way!

We know how big of an impact the small details in your exterior- such as the Fascia and Soffit can make. In addition, as important as the aesthetic of the material and colour- you want to make sure that the structure of your house is ventilated properly through the Soffit and Fascia. Our service professionals are trained to install a variety of these materials with the best workmanship in town! We help answer the question you have of where is the best soffit installation near me!

Types of Soffit and Fascia we work with

At Ontario Tech Roofing- we are happy to tell you that we work with a number of top-quality brands to provide the best aesthetic feel without compromising on the rigidity and quality of materials. Our technicians are well trained and versed with various products that include for example, a variety of products offered by Gentek and many more! 

With a variety of products available, you can be happy knowing that the products we deal with work to prevent the forming of rust and warp because of the materials they are made from. In addition, the strong paint finish ensures you will be happy with the look for years to come. 


Soffit installation Near me


Although you work really hard to maintain your home to make sure it is in top shape we understand that due to circumstances out of any of our control, damages can happen. Rest assured, our technicians are available on hand to make sure that your soffit repair near me and in addition to your fascia is repaired and in the worst case- replaced to avoid any further damage to your structure and the integrity of the structure underneath!


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