Flat Roof Repair Mississauga & GTA

Our experts at Ontario Tech Roofing will always work to recommend and repair any type of flat roof repair Mississauga. Flat roof repairs that are handled by our service technicians can extend the longevity of your structure and can help exacerbate any more issues. 

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Emergency Flat Roof Repair Mississauga & GTA

In need of an emergency flat roof repair? Look no further! We understand how much you have invested into your home and want to make sure there is no leak that can cause and exacerbate a. number of other issues. These range from rotting wood and weakening the structure of the home. This is the exact reason we work to give you the best flat roof repair in the region!

Our work works diligently using their expertise to identify the potential cause so you can prevent more damage. After we complete our inspection and assessment we work to offer you a triad of options that are not limited to; replacing the roof or replacing certain shingles.  If you are afraid there might be an issue, do not hesitate to give us a call right away!

How do I know I need a Flat roof Repair?

There may be a few signals that you have need a flat roof repair Mississauga & GTA. Please make sure you call us if you see one of the following:

– You notice a wet spot around your ceiling

– The smell of something rotting above you

– Noticing the ponding of water on your roof structure (probably your biggest threat)

– You notice the water is not draining off your roof as well as it should

– Water is leaking through your plumbing stacks and into your home

Call us for a free Flat roof Inspection

Do not hesitate to give us a call even at the slightest hint that you may have a problem! Leave it to the experts at Ontario Tech to examine your roof to know if there is a flat roof repair mississauga needed. One of our trained technicians will help you by:
– Identifying the nature of the leak
– Work to identify if an eavestrough repair is needed as it may be causing water to pool in your flat roof area
– Provide a permanent solution to solve the issue at hand
– He will work to provide with a free quote for the work with a detailed scope of work!

Have any Questions about Flat Roof Repair? Call us!

We know how scary dealing with a leak can be. Fortunately our professional staff provide work that is efficient and provides you with a solution at a great price so you can rest easy! Call our Office today to find out more and we are happy to book a roof inspection and if required are more than happy to provide a quote for your new flat roof replacement

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