Siding Installation Toronto

Ontario Tech Roofing has decades of experience helping clients with as a  Siding Installation Toronto to better protect your home with the best materials.  Feel free to reach out for a free estimate today!

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Siding Installation Toronto

Being a certified Siding Contractor with an excellent track record with our clients- our team is happy to help install a number of the best siding type. We understand that being your biggest asset, it is important that the appearance of your home is top notch. With over 2 decades of experience in siding installation Toronto region, we know you will be happy with the end result!

How Does a Siding Installation Toronto Work?

Materials Delivered to site

We first get an understanding of what material is needed after our initial site meeting and then we get ordering on the materials- Given the shortage of material recently with the COVID Pandemic we work to get the material right away

Prepping Site

To make sure all the work being done meets Ministry of Labor (MOL) standards and Municipal requirements- we work to prepare the site for the impending start of the project for your favourite siding installation toronto contractor!

Removal of Existing Siding

In the case that existing siding needs to be removed we work with our team to safely remove the existing siding and work to dispose of the material diligently. We work to inspect the sheathing /structure underneath and make you aware of any rotten/damaged wood that needs to be replaced. 

Quality Siding Contractor Installation

At this point, you can trust us to deliver on top quality siding contractor installation. We work to follow all manufacture recommendation on installation and work to update you on the progress- looking to get the job done efficiently and diligently as possible.  Our warranty and product expertise ensures that you are happy with the end result of what you have chosen and provide a nice decorative accent to your home but built with great structure and high-quality to protect against nature’s elements. 

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